Interview with Harshil Barot who blogs at

In this article, we have interviewed Mr. Harshil Barot, a young and passionate blogger from Ahmedabad, India. Read this interview to know his opinion, ideas, and suggestions to succeed in blogging.

Interview with Harshil Barot

#1. Tell us about yourself and your website?

Hello Readers, I am Harshil Barot from Ahmedabad, India. I am a blogger, fitness freak and SEO consultant. I blog at Just Web World.

#2. Tell us how your blogging career started?

I started blogging in 2012. I was looking at some different websites and then I thought I should also have one website, but at that time I was not aware of how to make different websites and blogs. So I read in different forums that it is good to start by writing blogs.

When I wrote my first blog its first post had only a few words or only one line. I didn’t know what to write, or/and how to write. Then slowly while reading other blogs and materials around the corner I got a motivation to write a blog about my field, computer engineering and that was fun.

#3. What are you teaching on Just Web World? How is this blog helping you to make your identity?

At Just Web World, We help and educating peoples every day’s online and offline topics and serving the best thing from their side.

#4. In Indian society, blogging is not considered as a good profession and most of the people are not aware of this platform. How do you explain your profession to other people and how they react after hearing it?

Oh yeah, you are right brother. But now blogging trends are coming to India slowly. Still, there are lot’s of people don’t know about it. And what people react that is none of our business. If you are passionate about something then do it, Don’t think too much.

#5. When did you make your first dollar online and what efforts you made to earn it?

I earn my first dollar from and Then I started blogging.

#6. What technique you are using to make money online. Please share tips about the technique which is working best for you.

Blogging and Affiliate is the only best way to earn money online. I also use that technique only.

#7. From where do you get all the latest information to write on your blog? Do you have some paid writers or partners?

Yes, I have a paid writers.

#8. Do you give importance to SEO? If yes, then what are your top most suggestions to newbies while doing their blog’s SEO?

Yes, White hat SEO is good, Use it if you need it.

#9. Had you ever thought about quitting blogging?


#10. How much money are you making with your blog? (Just a rough idea)

There is no fixed income in blogging. Your earnings are changing every month.

#11. Can anyone survive in blogging with no back support? Means no help from family and friends?

Yes Obviously! Because You are only the reason for your success. No one can support.

#12. What advice will you give to my readers?

If you want to become a successful person in life then help others, respect people, enjoy your success journey, learn new and new things, take actions and never give up.

I am really thankful to the readers for reading my interview. Keep practicing and keep learning new things. Keep calm and always be positive.

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