How to Hang a TV on a Brick Wall Without Drilling

TV mounts are a great way to easily and securely mount your TV. The mounting process usually involves some drilling work in advance. However, there are some situations when user wants to mount his TV on a brick wall without drilling. But can you really mount a TV without drilling?

Luckily, wall-mounting a TV without drilling holes is possible with the help of a few extra tools and gadgets.

There are many advantages to this solution. First, it saves you time and money by not having to hire someone to drill the holes for you. Second, it is eco-friendly since there is no drilling involved. And lastly, if you ever move or change your TV’s location in the future, then you can simply take down the mount and put it back up somewhere else without having to re-drill any holes!

Mounting a TV on a brick wall without drilling will not be an easy task and you also need to take into account the security of the TV and its accessibility.

So, if you want to know how to hang a TV on a brick wall without drilling holes, read on. Here, we are going to describe some of the best alternative of mounting a TV without drilling.

Let’s get started.

Best Ways to Hang a TV on a Brick Wall Without Drilling

Using Hybrid TV Stands

One of the best ways to mount a TV without drilling is by using a hybrid TV stand that comes with a TV wall mount. This means you won’t actually mount the TV on wall.

Also, these stands are great for the living room because they offer plenty of storage space for media devices and offer an attractive surface where you can place your television. Plus, Hybrid TV stands have a few spots where you can hide the cables, which improves the look and feel of it and makes it more aesthetically appealing.

The stand is made of aluminum, which is sturdy and lightweight at the same time. It comes in many different shapes, colors, and materials which makes it easy for you to match with the decor of your room.

Using Strong Adhesives

One of the easiest options for mounting a TV on a wall is to use strong adhesives to avoid drilling. But adhesives are not perfect option to mount your TV and you might need an expert guidance on how well this will stick to the wall.

There are some adhesives available that have been proven to be really reliable and strong for mounting heavy items onto the wall. These adhesives can hold up to 700lbs.

To mount TV on wall using adhesive, you first need to clear the area properly. There should be no dust and wall should be dry. After the wall area dries, measure the area and mark the spots where you’ll attach the TV. Now, apply the adhesive material and firmly press the TV onto it. Follow the instructions and make sure that adhesive can bear your TV’s weight.

Keep in mind that, strong adhesives are often not strong enough for larger TVs, which can lead to the TV falling off the wall. They also make it difficult to remove the TV from the wall if needed.

Using Hardwall Hangers

Hardwall Hangers is one of the easiest, most cost-efficient options to hang a TV on a wall because they are typically easy to install and can be used with any type of TV. These Hangers are basically just brackets that clamp onto a brick wall. They are made of durable material which provides stability and safety for the TV.

Hardwall Hangers to mount a TV

The only downside is that you need to tap the hangers into the wall which may be something you want to avoid. So, if you live in apartments and don’t want to damage the shared walls, this option is not for you.

To use them – all you have to do it tap them into the brick. However, the bricks need to be soft enough so that the nails can be tapped easily. These hangers are sturdy enough to hold a 50-inch TV.

4. Using a Rail

TV mount using rails

Using a hook rail is also a good option to hang your TV on the wall without drilling. Rails are widely used for picture hanging but they are sturdy enlough to use for mounting TV on the wall.

The hook rails that are available in the market have different styles and materials. So, it is important that you choose a style that works for you. Metal and wooden railings are the most preffered options as they look great against the wall.

Most modern TVs are light and portable, which means you don’t need to worry about adopting this option. Rails are pretty much flexible and run horizontally, which makes it easy for you to move your TV around even after it has been mounted.

5. Using Brick Clamps

Use brick clamps to hang a TV

Brick clamps are the simplest and most effective way to mount your TV on the wall without causing any damage. The brackets can be attached to either brick or drywall and they provide a very durable and sturdy mount for your TV.

However, they cannot be used for mount if your TV is heavier than its weight limit. But the good thing is that modern TVs are light are portable, so you should be able to find a good solution.

In order to mount your TV with brick clamps, you should first measure your television from each side by checking out their depth, width, and height measurements. You will need a few clamps to hold the TV firmly to the brick wall.


When you’re looking for a mounting option, don’t forget to take into account the weight and size of your TV. If you’ve a large size TV, a strong adhesive is not recommended as it won’t make you feel secure as other methods will.

There are some different methods we’ve discussed in this article that you can use to hang your TV on a brick wall without drilling holes. It should be noted that these methods are not for everyone and may not work everywhere. But, if you require a TV mounted on a wall without drilling then it is worth checking out these alternatives before going ahead with other more invasive solutions.

If you don’t feel confident about doing this mounting work yourself, then it’s always recommended to contact an experienced professional.

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